Watch Tangled (2010) Online For Free Full Movie English Stream

Watch Disney Movies Online For FreeTangled is a movie for everyone and one of my best movies in the last several years. It's enjoyable for kids and adults. I recommend this movie to anyone. After watching this movie, I can tell everyone that Disney is back to the basics. the classics movies! That old one which we all grown up with! I hope you all will enjoy it. Be sure to leave a comment after you watch movie.

How to Watch Tangled (2010) Disney Movie For Free Without Download?
1- Click on the play icon in the middle of the screen
2- Wait 5-10 min for stream to load
To play Tangled full movie at full-screen size, click the arrow button located at the far bottom-right corner of the stream (video). Please let us know via comments if the stream is working or not.

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262 Responses to "Watch Tangled (2010) Online For Free Full Movie English Stream"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tangled isn't wOrking

  2. Admin says:

    The video hosting website has deleted the stream. I have added a new stream. Could you please try again and reply back to let me know if it's working or not. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    it worked. thank you :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does not work well on itouch and adroid phones. So disappointed.

  5. Admin says:

    Anon, it works fine here on my android phone.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love this movie, Thanks!

  7. Admin says:

    You are welcome, thanks for your comment.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Love this website

  9. Anonymous says:

    the movie does not load...its not working.. :(

  10. Admin says:

    Anon, It works here maybe the server was down or too many connections. Could you please refresh the page and try again? Thanks.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you.
    Awesome movie! ^_^

  12. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the wonderful movie

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you SO much!! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a free, online Tangled full movie!

  14. Admin says:

    ur welcome. Thanks for your comments.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Every time I go to watch Tangled, it just randomly stops working and exits from the app! And when it does work it takes forever to load! I am getting frustrated!

  16. Admin says:

    Anon, it works fine here. I just tested it on my android device using internet explorer browser and it works without any issues. Thanks.

  17. Anonymous says:

    isn't working. ....why?

  18. Admin says:

    Anon, I have no idea why it doesn't work for you. It's working fine here.

  19. Anonymous says:

    thank you great movie
    Started to panick earlier when i thought this and the little mermaid had gone but didnt see orlder post

  20. Anonymous says:

    Love it! Thank You!

  21. Anonymous says:

    thank you for the movie.

  22. Anonymous says:

    my silly school has blocked the there another way i can watch the movie on this website????

  23. Admin says:

    Anon, unfortunately there is no way to watch if your school are blocking video hosting website.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Monsters Inc, please!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    please upload Disney's dinosaur full movie

  26. Admin says:

    Monsters Inc has been already added before. Search for keyword "Monsters" and you will find it. Dinosaur is already on my list, will be added later.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Didn't work on chrome but worked on Explorer, thank you so much :)

  28. Anonymous says:

    its not playing .

  29. Anonymous says:

    cant finish the movies cause its stopping at 39th minute

  30. Admin says:

    Anon, maybe you can try again using another browser. It works fine here.

  31. Anonymous says:

    why is it removed?

  32. Admin says:

    Anon, the video hosting website removed it. I have added another stream.

  33. Beth says:

    Works great on my Macbook Pro in Google Chrome browser, thanks for all your videos!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thank you sooooo much for posting it :DDDDD

  35. Gaby says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but it isnt working. it stops at about the 39th min and says something about not finished uploading. i have refreshed page and used a different browser but still wont let me watch it. please help me.

  37. Anonymous says:

    sorry about that i managed to get it to work.

  38. Anonymous says:

    its not working it starts and goes straight to the end in one second i can't even get to see it please help i

  39. qui says:

    it is not working. i have waited it long time. please help me!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much!!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! I cry everytime I wach it. Thanks again! <3

  42. Anonymous says:

    is this video copyrighted? and also streaming a copyrighted film is legal, isn't it? Much appreciated if you could answer questions as i really want to watch this film! thanks

  43. Anonymous says:

    How can I download this movie? Or any movie from this website?

  44. Anonymous says:

    The end isnt working D:

  45. Anonymous says:

    Same! Im on my the movies not play on androids? Please reply to me so i know!

  46. Anonymous says:

    its not working after Flynn rider sees his messed up nose for the first time...

  47. Admin says:

    Anon, I have tested them on an android phone and they work fine. Maybe you can try again using another browser.

  48. Anonymous says:

    i watched tangled yesterday up to a middle of it but when am trying to opened it today is not opening at all

  49. Anonymous says:

    It keeps on buffering every few seconds how do I get it to stop?

  50. Anonymous says:

    It isn't working for me :( it keeps on loading can you please help??

  51. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. Thanks,

  52. Anonymous says:

    it says no video is found

  53. Anonymous says:

    You should add the Odd life of Timothy Green

  54. Anonymous says:

    Is not working.It say no video found..

  55. Admin says:

    Anon, yeah the video has been deleted. Thanks for letting me know. I have added a new stream. Refresh the page and you will see the new stream.

  56. Anonymous says:

    well,thank you.Love it! have a long time to find this..tqsmuch!!

  57. Anonymous says:

    please add hotel transylvania

  58. Anonymous says:

    Works perfectly. Thank you!

  59. Anonymous says:

    It's saying invalid url, don't know what that means but it isnt working.

  60. Anonymous says:

    please add the bee movie

  61. Anonymous says:

    It glitches and won't work after 30-40 minutes into the movie.

  62. Anonymous says:

    The movie takes forever to load!!!But it is nice,thx

  63. Anonymous says:

    it isn't working !!! =(

  64. Anonymous says:

    It worked thx alot this website is reeeally useful thx again :-)

  65. Simran says:

    it isn't working. I have already tried 4-5 times to watch the full movie but it gets stopped time to time :/

  66. Anonymous says:

    Love this website! its the best!!

  67. Anonymous says:

    I love this!!! I'm certain you have a bunch of movies, but if you could, maybe add tron? Thank you so very much!!

  68. Anonymous says:

    The play button is crossed :(

  69. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to i disturb u but for my phone that movie isin't work or maybe i am to dume to understand what need to do:( sorry again

  70. Anonymous says:

    It got like half way through then it stopped saying the film had finished :(

  71. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all these movies. It's fun to return to my childhood

  72. Anonymous says:

    Its not working and i've refreshed the page many times :-(

  73. It keeps stopping at about 14 minutes, and says it's done, but thanks for uploading it!

  74. Anonymous says:

    good movuie love it thnkx

  75. Anonymous says:

    At the beginning, it stalled a bit, but other than that, it is fine! Great movie!!!!

  76. Anonymous says:

    awesome movie,thanks a lot...oh i love u Eugene:)

  77. Anonymous says:

    I wasn't sure if it would work but it did! Thanks

  78. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so so much for putting this movie up! One of Disney's best yet, and everything worked wonderfully!

  79. Anonymous says:

    Shush. Not everyone is born knowing English. Did you know there are countries out there that don't speak English? With actual people living in it?

  80. Anonymous says:

    D video isn't working

  81. Anonymous says:

    It worked fine on my computer. Thank you

  82. Many Thanks :) Worked wow!!


  83. Anonymous says:

    It stopped at 38:25. I am the third one to have this problem, and this is the only movie on this website I have ever had trouble with.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Hi thanks for you time to upload this it dosent work I will try again and refresh can you download
    Princess brave please I have seen all this but I didn't see princess brave in my life,thank xoxo

  85. Anonymous says:

    She has brave uploaded in her list (:

  86. Anonymous says:

    everytime I play a movie, in like 30 mins the movie stops and doesn't let me play to where I was.

  87. Anonymous says:

    It works for me

  88. Anonymous says:

    Im almost finish watching it, but it stop & no more video being displayed

  89. Anonymous says:

    it says there is no movie when i click on it please can u re add it please

  90. Anonymous says:

    Not working..........huh:-V

  91. Anonymous says:

    Working fine, thank you!(:

  92. Anonymous says:

    this is so great. thank you very much

  93. Anonymous says:

    I love that when she says "I never break a promise," she's trying to convince Flynn to take her to the lanterns, AKA break her promise to Mother Gothel.

  94. Anonymous says:

    it doesn't work... TT_TT

  95. Anonymous says:

    Loved this movie! Great from start to finish. The stream worked really well - no problems at all.

  96. U don't have to born to know English u should just study ... That's all

  97. Anonymous says:

    wow worked great.this is one of my favorite movies and im glad i can watch it on my laptop anytime i want to

  98. Anonymous says:

    Could you upload starstruck?

  99. Anonymous says:

    I love this movie even though it paused for a while @ 77:01, a great movie, keep them coming!

  100. hina says:

    its a good website


  102. i watch all my movies on this site except for titanic that and monsters university those are the only movies they don't have

  103. first time seeing this movie and im glad i watched it thanks for letting it be free to see it great view of the movie ass well couldnt ask for more thank you so much.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Not working

  105. Anonymous says:

    It's not working:C

  106. Anonymous says:

    its saying it has been removed from public download?

  107. Admin says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I have added a new stream. Enjoy.

  108. Anonymous says:

    can you please add monsters university?

  109. Anonymous says:

    My absolute favorite disney movie!! So glad it worked for me :) thanks!

  110. bella says:

    it is not says video is not uploaded plz fix plz

  111. Anonymous says:

    Why does it not show the whole movie I mean I was just watching it and all of the sudden it just stopped and now it just starts over :(

  112. Anonymous says:

    Hi doesn't work just keeps buffing and won't play can u fix it as I would like to watch it thanks x

  113. Anonymous says:

    it doesnt work stops at 32min and wont work after that x

  114. Anonymous says:

    is this video copyrighted? and also streaming a copyrighted film is legal, isn't it? Much appreciated if you could answer questions as i really want to watch this film! thanks

  115. Anonymous says:

    great works perfect

  116. Anonymous says:

    please add harry potter

  117. Anonymous says:

    this is awsome thnx for the website

  118. Jess says:

    I love this site. So grateful111

  119. Anonymous says:

    you should add the lizzie Maguire movie

  120. Anonymous says:

    thanks I would kiss you but you're not here but thanks anyway I love you!

  121. Anonymous says:

    After waiting for the longest buffer ever, the movie play perfectly.
    Thank you for uploading it, been looking for long time

  122. Anonymous says:

    could you please add the wild

  123. Anonymous says:

    This is my fav website. But when I go to mum's work it does not play is says you need flash player to view this video. I am so disappointed:(

  124. Anonymous says:

    It has been working but i went back on this arvo but it has stopped working now, i don't know why is just blank (white). If anyone knows what is wrong and how to fix it can you plese help. THAX

  125. Anonymous says:

    that is the same with mine

  126. Anonymous says:

    I love tangled. Can you please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please add the woman in black and a series of unfortunate events

  127. Anonymous says:

    It stops playing after 15 minutes/it skips to the end.

  128. Anonymous says:

    It doesnt work for me

  129. Thanks for the upload. It worked perfectly!

  130. Anonymous says:

    tangled is cutting out the last 20ish minutes and skipping to the end, please fix stream

  131. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for putting this up!!!!!!!! Love this site! Could you PLEASE put the Harry Potter series and Nation Treasure 1 and 2 on here? Thanks!

  132. Anonymous says:

    Harry Potter series are on here. Admin can you add Nancy Drew? (2007) thank you(:!

  133. Anonymous says:

    I'm too old to be watching cartoons but I still find it soooo adorable!!! I <3 It!!!

  134. Anonymous says:

    Not working

  135. Anonymous says:

    For my coolpad its not showing it and i was in the mood to watch it :(

  136. Anonymous says:

    It works! Thanks so much,I love this movie =)

  137. Anonymous says:

    Worked great, This is my granddaughters favorite movie

  138. Anonymous says:

    The Tangled movie isn't working on my device. I'm using my Kindle. All the other videos I watch on thus website work, though.

  139. Anonymous says:

    The Tangled movie isn't working on my device. I'm using my Kindle. All the other videos I watch on this website work, though. Why wont this one play?

  140. Anonymous says:

    i is not working, keps stoping and loading every 4 mins..

  141. Anonymous says:

    Works gr8 awesome movie's

  142. Anonymous says:

    its working only till 33 mins and not working after that
    I will be soo happy if u make it work and u will be the person behind my happiness

  143. Anonymous says:

    y is the admin not giving any reply

  144. Anonymous says:


  145. Anonymous says:

    None of the films work for me now. :( the play Sybil has a cross through it? I'm on my iPod so I don't know if that makes a difference but has this happend to anyone else????happenhappen

  146. Anonymous says:

    Tangled isn't working. Maybe U need to upload a new stream?

  147. Anonymous says:

    i love this movie but it takes to long

  148. thank you very much
    love this movie

  149. Anonymous says:

    BRILLIANT stream thank you!!!

  150. Can u please add camp rock 2 final jam cuz I love it please

  151. angela says:

    I use my android too
    but it's not working

    Just give us a tips so that we are going to enjoy and watch the movie

  152. Anonymous says:

    It's not working

  153. Anonymous says:

    It was working fine on my phone . My daughter wants to watch it again and all of a sudden its not working on my phone .

  154. Anonymous says:

    The stream is broken, it stops playing right when Eugene confronts the twins in the jail cell. so Around 77:00-78:00 is when it stops playing.

  155. ANNOYED says:

    come on, fix it!

  156. Anonymous says:

    The stream is broken... after 27 mins it stops playing

  157. Anonymous says:

    Movie worked great on my iPhone, thank you so much for posting it! Best resolution I've found while streaming.

  158. I can watch it!!
    Definitely love this show.

  159. Anonymous says:

    thank you soooooo much......!!!!!

  160. Anonymous says:

    Amazing xx

  161. Anonymous says:

    It worked in the first min. Thnx.

  162. Anonymous says:

    Movie stops right at the beginning of it and wont let me watch any more

  163. Anonymous says:

    it doesn't let me see the full video! I stay on the part where she tries to put flin rider in the closet

  164. Anonymous says:

    Doesnt work

  165. Anonymous says:

    The movie plays fine but for some reason the coloring is way off... it has a strange green shadow

  166. Anonymous says:

    Oh My Gosh! Thanks for uploading this!!

  167. it wont play ive been trying since 7:10 its now 9:35 :(

  168. Anonymous says:

    It's not working :(
    Please fix this Admin!

  169. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much !!! Love this website !!

  170. Anonymous says:

    This stream is PERFECT! Is there any wat you can add Frozen? I absolutely love that movie.

  171. Anonymous says:

    Can u please add frozen

  172. Anonymous says:

    they did add frozen!

  173. Anonymous says:

    movie was awsome worked great love all movies on this site

  174. Anonymous says:

    It says the movie has been removed

  175. Anonymous says:

    This is a great movie the stream is working everything is perfect!

  176. Cass Ola says:

    What happened to Tangled? It was fine a few months ago when I was watching it. Was a full movie and no subs. Now it won't load and its in two parts!

  177. Anonymous says:

    why the subtitle is not in english? i cant understand :( someone pls give me link Tangled movie with engsub :(

  178. I love this movie so much

  179. Anonymous says:

    it is not working unfortunatly:(

  180. Anonymous says:

    Ive been using this site to have myself an ultimate throwbacks of different disney movies.. This really works and im using an android phone..thanx admin :)

  181. Anonymous says:

    It's not working! Does anyone know what I can do?

  182. it says it's been removed from public access, why is that?

  183. Anonymous says:

    It is a great movie I think it is for apple products

  184. Anonymous says:

    can u please have the english sub titles?

  185. Anonymous says:

    the stream is not working........

  186. Anonymous says:

    its working just be PATIENT!!!

  187. Connie says:

    It will not load, I've had it up half an hour and it's still on the loading screen. I don't know what you mean by patience but I really don't like not being able to use my computer as this loading takes forever and lags it out.

  188. Anonymous says:

    The movie worked played good only problem was that it didn't want to go full screen

  189. Anonymous says:

    It work perfectly, thank you so much to download the movie I been searching many and many to watch online for free and finally found the prefect where to watch it Thank you

  190. thks is working wonderful love story movie

  191. Anonymous says:

    The mother knows best song is kinda pointless since the witch isn't even rapenzels biological mother

  192. Anonymous says:

    Not working for me

  193. Anonymous says:

    Thankxxxxxx. I really wanna watch this movie but cant find it. Itssss a great movieeeee. Thanks admin.

  194. Anonymous says:

    I watched the movie in just 2 signals of wifi. Its working smoothly. Just loaded at the start nd then no load. Its really good website. Thnkxxx. Its working really fine. Really thank you.

  195. Anonymous says:

    I am a grown up but still watch this movie because its a very good movie. Cant resist of watching it again and again. Thanks. I am gonna wacth it again...... Thank you admin...........

  196. Anonymous says:

    When ever i touch the play button. It goes to some other movie page such as little mermaid. Please help me. I really want watch this movie. Help me please.

  197. Anonymous says:

    Worked without any problems. Great movie, thanks!

  198. Hari Prasad says:

    thank you for the movie it was very nice movie

  199. Anonymous says:

    I've been searching this movie for such a long time! THANK YOU for uploading it :)

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