Watch Little Mermaid 2 (2000) Online For Free Full Movie English Stream

Watch Disney Movies Online For FreeThe Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea (2000) another cute little Disney movie for the kids to enjoy and adults to watch. It's not close to the original movie but still kid will love it. The music is good and the villain Morgana isn't as scary as Ursula was in the original movie. Let me know what do you think about this movie.

How to Watch The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea Disney Movie For Free Without Download?
1- Click on the play icon in the middle of the screen
2- Wait 5-10 min for stream to load
To play The Little Mermaid 2 full movie at full-screen size, click the arrow button located at the far bottom-right corner of the stream (video). Please let us know via comments if the stream is working or not.

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138 Responses to "Watch Little Mermaid 2 (2000) Online For Free Full Movie English Stream"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Omg thank you so much for adding this!!!!

  2. Admin says:

    Anon, thanks for your comment. I hope you will enjoy watching it.

  3. destiny says:

    i love this. its so nice to know that i can watch old movies like i used too. brings back great memories! thank you so much. i really appreciate this. :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes finally and thank you for the goofie move and lil mermaid 3 love you !!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    it doesnt work on mine! Says the video has not uploaded yet - I've tried refreshing the page too

  6. Anonymous says:

    I tried many times but the stream never worked and I left it and it was still not working it said video has not uploaded yet

  7. Anonymous says:

    Stream not working

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if its Disney but can you add the swan princess

  9. Admin says:

    Anon, I have no idea why it doesn't work. Just be sure to click once on the play button and give it 1-10 min to load.

  10. Anonymous says:

    it takes way too long to load it needs to be you need to fix how slow it loads cause it takes FOREVER

  11. Admin says:

    Anon, I can't fix how slow and fast stream can load. It all depends on the video hosting website and your internet connection.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i loved this movie since i was little!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Its just not downloading for me. And I know its not me because my son just mulan and it worked just fine

  14. Anonymous says:

    hey...flounder looks so fat...

  15. Anonymous says:

    I loved it! It didn't take long for me to load at all. I found this site yesterday and I've already seen 3 movies and I'm about to watch the little mermaid 3! LUV THIS SITE! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 xoxoxoxoxo

  16. Anonymous says:

    It doesnt work on my phone, the little mermaid 1 did actually work on my phone but with this movie it keeps saying the video cant be played

  17. Anonymous says:

    Not playing. And I really want to see it

  18. Anne says:

    It worked perfectly for me! Thanks for adding this one. I enjoyed it a lot :)

  19. Anonymous says:

    it worked it froze a lot but it worked its been so long since i watched that movie

  20. Anonymous says:

    Worked perfectly! Thankyou so much

  21. Anonymous says:

    I loved this. Thanks so much! I just don't like how on full screen mode you don't have as good quality as the regular screen. Is there any way to fix? If so please fix. Thanks!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I didn't understand why Ariel crossed her finger.

  23. Anonymous says:

    update ur site and movies, i cant even watch the movies because they r only half there...

  24. Anonymous says:

    it does not play the whole movie disappointed. but it is free so I cant complain

  25. Anonymous says:

    You are awesome! I love watching old movies from my childhood! thank you so much!

  26. morgan says:

    it doesn't play the whole movie. its almost like preview and you need to fix that

  27. Admin says:

    Morgan, it works here fine to the end. Maybe you can refresh the page and use the skip feature to watch end of movie.

  28. Kacy says:

    THANK YOU! ^-^ Love this movie

  29. WHat i hate about this movie is that Ariel looks just a few years older then her daughter. =/ some moments she looks grown... but other then that she looks like a youngling

  30. Anonymous says:

    OMG JUST WACHED IT I HAVENT seen it in like five year cause I have it on tape but my tape thing broke :) but no I saw it again

  31. Anonymous says:

    thank you so much for uploading this :)

  32. Anonymous says:

    I don't think I'll be using this site again unless you fix it. At first it was fine but it pauses every 5 minutes to stream! Unless you don't fix it I just wont watch any movies on here.

  33. Anonymous says:

    it worked fine for me. I think whoever having trouble just have really slow internet or are accessing from mobile devices.

  34. Anonymous says:

    absaloutly amazing to watch again

  35. PhoenixG says:

    Put it on and pretended it was for my daughter to watch as she hasn't seen it yet (2yrs) lol, always have and always will love Disney movies <3
    No streaming problems, loaded in less than 3 mins and was fine throughout, even with several pauses

  36. Anonymous says:

    Stream is taking long

  37. Anonymous says:

    woah dare. Flounder sure went through puberty. :)

  38. Anonymous says:

    It works perfectly thank you so much!! <3

  39. It works and the film was perfect

  40. Anonymous says:

    There is no play button

  41. Anonymous says:

    loved it! it worked perfect! thankyou <33

  42. Anonymous says:

    This was amazing! thank you for bringing back my childhood!

  43. Anonymous says:

    This worked great for me, my daughter and I just finished it. Thank you soo much for posting this. We enjoyed every minute of it.

  44. Anonymous says:

    it stopped when she sat by aorgona

  45. Anonymous says:

    thx thx thx thx thx

  46. Desirae says:

    It keeps pausing every couple of seconds, my nieces are going bonkers! I love this site sooo much, my son has been enjoying every movie we've watched on here w/out any problems. Please fix this soon?

  47. Anonymous says:

    it laggs out then starts all over

  48. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! I love this movie!

  49. Anonymous says:

    I can watch The Little Mermaid Two up until Morgana says "This is he break in the ice we've been waiting for." Right after she sees the vision of Melody sitting on a rock looking at the locket.

  50. Omg thank you Michelle, I agree. Just be patient the blogger is doing everything He/She can do, so be blessed. Also this website is really great, you did an awesome job on this website and you are really talented. Just out of curiosity would you mind if i asked if you can put up ice age 4, I don't want to seem like I pest because you get so many request to put movies up.

  51. Admin says:

    michelle, thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. I totally agree with you, there is no way to fix any stream. The only thing I can do is to find a stream with lower quality so everyone with good or bad connection can watch movie but still it doesn't mean it will work super fast for everyone. There are a lot of things that can slow it down connection, video hosting website server, browser ...etc

    Camille, thanks. It's fine to request movies, I do accept requests. Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) is already on my list (#76 on the list so expect it to be added after a while).

  52. Anonymous says:

    I agree

  53. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the movie

  54. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the movie

  55. Anonymous says:

    the movie keeps backing me out when I get 2 mins into it sad face I wanna see this movies soooo bad bc its been along time.....anyways thank u for allowing me to watch this movie and I don't know if this movie is Disney but I was woundering if u can get it its called a kid in alladin palace ive been looking for it for over 10 years and I finally found the name so if u can get it or have I would be very very happy and I love this website

  56. Anonymous says:

    i never new they had a little mermaid 2

  57. Anonymous says:

    To be honest, this blog sounded a little to good to be true when I first found it. I was worried that it might just be made of viruses or something. But everything about this site is awesome and my computer's fine! I'm so glad that there exists a place to watch disney movies for free in good quality! Including hayao miyazaki movies and sequels! Thank you so much for this site!

  58. Anonymous says:

    loved it can you add PRINCESS a 2008 movie

  59. Jesska says:

    i was watching happily and then it stopped and restarted...its like it doesn't go on after like 20 it me???

  60. Anonymous says:

    No sounds!! :(

  61. Anonymous says:

    This is great thanks! but keeps b
    pausing -hate that :/

  62. Love this site! My daughter loves it too! She's so into the Disney Princesses! Thank you!(:

  63. Anonymous says:

    its only showing me 75 seconds of the movie

  64. Anonymous says:

    oh its fixed now never mind^^^

  65. Anonymous says:

    when i watch this is goes up to around 20 minutes and then stops working

  66. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for putting this on! I've tried watching it on youtube but it never has the full movie!

  67. Anonymous says:

    I have been trying the stream for a couple of weeks and it still isn't working, all of the other movies I've watched on your blog from my phone have worked perfectly (thank you very much for posting all the great movies!) but this one won't load so is it the stream or something else? Thanks again, you are doing a great job and it is much appreciated!!! :)

  68. Anonymous says:

    is there a way to play it on xbox

  69. Anonymous says:

    I started watching it and it was fine up until the 5 minuet marker...I also refreshed the page and tried again...still no luck. Is there any way to make it work?

  70. Anonymous says:

    Love the movie!
    However I don't like how Melody looks like. Why female version of Eric? She looks just-weird. Especially that scene where she repeats some rule along with Sebastian and stares weirdly. If you ask me, I'd make her look more like Ariel, with a touch of Eric here and there. It is kinda fair to make her look like Eric, since she already has Ariel's personality, but still...
    Those eyes... They may fit Eric, but simply don't suit her.
    At least make her eyebrows thinner, make her hairstyle flowed (why a ponytail?) and, for God sakes, add some eyelashes! (just saying how I would make her if she had to look like Eric)
    Now she looks like some long-haired boy...
    I'm suprised that they didn't name her Erica...

  71. Anonymous says:

    I just watched the movie and liked it!
    I'm so glad that Ariel and Eric look like in the first movie, I was so worried that Disney would screw their looks up like they screwed up Simba in Lion king 2.
    However I agree with the comment below, they should make Melody look more like Ariel.
    But I love her character.

  72. Anonymous says:

    It worked PERFECTLY on my phone! If it is messing up on yours its due to your poor phone service. Try hooking your wifi up to it

  73. mine just starts all over when i'm only 2 minutes in :( what happened?

  74. Anonymous says:

    Does not work

  75. Anonymous says:

    Could not click play

  76. Clara says:

    Thanks so much for this movie and all the others! It works perfectly and this is the only film site I trust! I've recommended it too lots of people and they love it aswell. I haven't had any problems and I don't see any viruses. I'm so glad I don't have to download anything because it's so annoying to wait to watch one film! Could you add remember me (2010) please? Apparently it's really sad and me and the people here would love to watch it! (girls, it's got Robert Pattinson in it!) oh, and you introduced one of my favorite movies thumbelina! I didn't know there was a movie until days ago! Thanks so much again! :-D

  77. Adrianna Frost says:

    It worked perfectly fine for me..... I don't see the problems that everyone is complaining about....... and this is a wonderful movie thanks for uploading it! Haven't seen this since I was little!!! Lol. :)

  78. Anonymous says:

    I'm dying to watch this, but it won't work on my android. :( Someone help please!

  79. Anonymous says:

    from what I know, it doesn't usually work on mobile devices.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Really? I have watched alot of other movies from this site on my phone, there is only a few like this movie that doesn't work

  81. leah says:

    thank you so much for this website I love it lol I just love Disney movies in general!!!

  82. Thanks so much for posting this! My copy got ruin'd and I love this movie! You just saved me!

  83. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for posting all of these older Disney movies. They all work great!

  84. Anonymous says:

    I loved being able to watch this movie.....thank you thank you

  85. Anonymous says:

    thanks for uploading this movie. Jodi benson was one of my favorite character and that why I like the little mermaid so much. Thanks a lot.

  86. Anonymous says:

    It froze, I tried it on a different broswer and it was fine. But now it's frozen again.

  87. Anonymous says:

    It's ok now. :)

  88. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for add this movie!

  89. Anonymous says:

    It worked fine until it got to about 52mins in and then it just stopped all together and skipped straight to the end (75min 21sec). Not sure why this is happening any chance you could fix this please? As I really would like to see it all the way through.

  90. Anonymous says:

    i love you. thank you for the movie!!!!

  91. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much ♥♥♥

  92. Anonymous says:

    Omg this works!!!!!! I'm so excited thank you thank you!!!!!!!

  93. Leen Abed says:

    Omg, i Love Ariel and her daughter! :) thank you for adding this!!

  94. Anonymous says:

    why has this been removed

  95. Anonymous says:

    What? Why does it say it has been removed!? Dang, i've been wanting to see this for years!

  96. Admin says:

    Anon, the video hosting website removed it. I have added a new stream so you still can watch the movie :)

  97. Anonymous says:

    thanks for adding it back

  98. Anonymous says:

    it keeps freezing every five seconds

  99. is it just me or are there translations at the bottom? Is there any way to fix that..? thanks!

  100. Anonymous says:

    It says the movie link has been removed am I the only one with this problem ?

  101. Anonymous says:

    It's not working

  102. Anonymous says:

    They should've kept the Part of Your World as a song in this movie. It would've definitely been appropriate.

  103. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love the movie but it keeps freezing. I waited at least half an hour and got through two minutes before it froze again... It can't be my internet because everything else is rather fast. Maybe it's the stream? Everything else is working fine and I refreshed the page when I first had the problem and again a few more times and it still froze pretty much every second. I really love watching movies on this site as this problem is pretty rare. I just really wanted to watch this movie with little or no problems as I haven't seen it in years and can't find it on DVD.

  104. Anonymous says:

    It only is 37mins it finishes before the end... im abit upset about that i was looking forward to knowing what happens at the end but thanks anyway

  105. Anonymous says:

    nice movie

  106. Kjirsten says:

    It keeps having to load. I've been patient and I've tried refreshing the page, but it keeps having to load and it takes forever. I just wanna watch it :(

  107. Anonymous says:

    taking so long to load

  108. Anonymous says:

    It plays and loads every few seconds

  109. Anonymous says:

    it plays then it stops

  110. Anonymous says:

    Stops at 6:40

  111. Anonymous says:

    keeps on buffering every 5 seconds

  112. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so so much! Can't find any site to watch except for this.. thanks a lot again!! Not to mention, it load very fast too!

  113. Anonymous says:

    I can't hear any thing ? Why ?

  114. Anonymous says:

    The movie of my childhood....memory lane....
    Stream worked just fine, I love this site

  115. Anonymous says:

    It is a great movie but it pauses too much and it wont play

  116. Anonymous says:

    Mine keep buffering. Its so annoying when in the middle of the movie it starts to buffer.

  117. Anonymous says:

    love this movie :)

  118. Anonymous says:

    Great website I love being able to share my childhood movies with my daughter such a great way to spend time together brings back such wonderful memories thank you!!

  119. Anonymous says:

    Keeps stopping evry 3 to 5 secs but other than that thumbs up

  120. Anonymous says:

    Too much time to load. Its all right. I guess my internet was slow.

  121. Anonymous says:

    all it shows is a green screen with audio nothing visual

  122. It's not working plz fix it

  123. This comment has been removed by the author.

  124. Anonymous says:

    I love this site, but I'd enjoy if you were able to control the size of the screen... Not wanting it full screen but not really so small. Thank you!

  125. Mysteriousss says:

    Why are there subs?!

  126. Unknown says:

    Do you think you could make a app for this like a offline app please I just find this

  127. Anonymous says:

    Only the last 40 minutes are loading for the movie.

  128. Anonymous says:

    It does not start at the beginning :(

  129. Admin says:

    Anon, Stream was fixed check it out, Enjoy

  130. Unknown says:

    Why is it not english language? :(

  131. Admin says:

    Unknown, Stream was replaced with the English version, Enjoy

  132. Anon123 says:

    I can't watch the movie because of authorization requires. Help!

  133. Anonymous says:

    It says I need authorization. What does that mean?

  134. Unknown says:

    It says I need authorization what do I do?? I dont want to sign up for anything

  135. Unknown says:

    It says i need authorization

  136. Admin says:

    Unknown, you should not signup for anything. Streaming here is 100% free so please continue to report not working streams and we will try hard to fix them. We have fixed stream of this movie, enjoy.

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