Watch The Last Unicorn (1982) Online For Free Full Movie English Stream

Watch Disney Movies Online For FreeThe Last Unicorn an animated classic childhood movie. It has a superb voice cast and a great touching story based on a great book. IT's a good fantasy story film, Unicorn is the main character. One of the great fantasy book adaptations films you will every see. Enjoy the movie.

How to Watch The Last Unicorn (1982) Disney Movie For Free Without Download?
1- Click on the play icon in the middle of the screen
2- Wait 5-10 min for stream to load
To play The Last Unicorn full movie at full-screen size, click the arrow button located at the far bottom-right corner of the stream (video). Please let us know via comments if the stream is working or not.

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25 Responses to "Watch The Last Unicorn (1982) Online For Free Full Movie English Stream"

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    YAAAAAAAAY!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You ^-^

  3. Anne says:

    Wow I watched this once years ago. I love Unicorns voice, it is beautiful, perfect for a Unicorn, I just did not like her as a human :P but I really enjoyed the movie :) thanks for adding it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much! I watched this movie so much when I was little, I think it was my favorite movie for a period of time. Again, thank you so much!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for adding this!!! ... hey.. can you please add Monster High Ghouls Rule?? And the other Monster High movies? thanks :) ..... and in case you missed it lol... THANK YOU!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! :D :) ... even though it kinda freaked me out as a kid.. lol

  6. Anonymous says:

    yayayayyayayay!!!!!!! thank you sooo much!!!! :)I don't suppose you can add Flight of Dragons to your list could you?

    Thank you Admin!!! ^^)

  7. Admin says:

    You are welcome. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    The Princess and the Goblin (1991), The Flight of Dragons (1982) and Monster High: Ghouls Rule! (2012) have been added to the list. FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) is already on my list.

  8. Have to admit, this was the first time for me seeing this movie! it was rather charming, i liked the slight dark feel of it all. But i can Imagen seeing this as a kid it would have a much bigger impact on someone!

    Btw, what is up with the chaptcha every single time i comment? i didn't have to fill in one when i did not use a google account. a lot of the numbers are incredibly hard to make out.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can you please add more barbie movies like: Barbie of Swan Lake,Barbie and the Diamond Castle,Barbie and The Magic Of The Pegasus, Barbie in A Mermaid Tale,Barbie Mariposa,Barbie as Rapunzel,Barbie as the Island Princess,Barbie and The Tree Musketeers,Barbie: A Fairy Secret,Barbie: Mermaidia.

    I do realize that I just listed most of the barbie movies.

  10. Anonymous says:

    hey really sorry, but it wouldn't let me see the end. is there a reason for this??

  11. Anonymous says:

    Oh goody :D .. I love Monster High! lol i was going to ask for that Monster High movie too xD lmao ..... and also.. Can u please add Annie (1982)? Thank you :)

  12. Admin says:

    Saya Kurosaki, the chaptcha should show for everyone who post a comment. I use it to reduce spam comments because as you can see I get tons of comments everyday. I will try to find a way to remove it for visitors who use google account.

    More barbie movies will be added soon. Monster High: Ghouls Rule! (2012) is already on my list. Annie (1982), I couldn't find any english streams for that movie.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Are ya going to add planes?

  14. Anonymous says:

    the film keeps on stopping to load

  15. whenever i watch it says that i watched the full movie and skips to the end always at the middle of 10-11 minutes any solutions anyone?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Finally a place i can watch classic disney movies!!! THANK YOU !!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much for this.
    If you please could add Dreamwor`s Simbad, I would be much obliged,

  18. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful movie. I remember watching this a lot when I was younger.
    Can you put 'Tiny: The Seventh Brother" on your list? I used to watch that movie a lot too, and I would love to see it again.
    Thanks. :)

  19. how about the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater my fav movie of all time! thanks

  20. It stopped in the middle of the movie and wont let me continue:(

  21. McKenzie says:

    I love this movie! I used to watch it all the time back at my Grandma's house. Thank you for adding this movie to your blog! It's really wonderful. Although, the part with the Harpy still freaks me out a bit, lol. (And it got my mind off of that horribly annoying "Open Season" movie.. thank goodness.)

  22. Anonymous says:

    I love it:)

  23. Anonymous says:

    been removed???


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